Sri Lanka


Located off the southern tip of India is a tropical paradise, held in the eternal embrace   of the Indian Ocean. It is an Island blessed with natures abundance, an exquisite Jewel, awaiting discovery .It is ringed by over 2500 kms of golden beach and secluded coves! It has a climate that ranges from a cool 14 degrees in the central highlands, to a warm 25 degrees around its coastal plains. It is covered with lush vegetation, and has a wide variety of Fauna and flora with mountains cloaked in mist, magnificent waterfalls tumbling down precipitous gorges, into the many rivers, that run through the length and breadth of the land, carrying vital nutrients that feed a bountiful ocean and its many lagoons protected by mangrove, provide excellent breeding grounds for the delectable crabs and shrimp, which add to the delicious sea food, this country is famous for.

Its pleasant countryside is a delight to the sight seer .Breath taking vistas of hills terraced with cultivation and sea of paddy field greet the viewer, Its towns and villages, are bustling with people famous for their friendliness and hospitality .The visitor is always welcomed with the hands clasped together with the greeting of “Ayubowan”, which means long life And all this is set in just 400 kms by length & 250 kms wide!



Beset by the trade winds and bisected by a Central mountain range Sri Lanka is blessed with two seasons, with tropical rains in between .From November to March, there is fair weather in the South-West parts of the Island ,and from April till September, the weather shifts to the North-Eastern parts.