Famous Beaches

Sri Lanka is blessed with over 2000 kilometres of Sun drenched golden beaches, fringed by the shade of the perennial coconut palm, secluded coves and lagoons fed by the several rivers and the tidal waters of the abundant Indian ocean. The azure blue of sea and sky rivals the countries famous Blue Sapphire for vibrancy!


COLOMBO, the countries’ premier  sea port and Capital and the throbbing heart of Sri Lanka with its famous history of colonial battles and now a thriving megapolis, is the modern Sri Lanka with the old gracious mix of tradition and cosmopolitan culture .Vibrant  with its diverse cultural mix, its attraction is at once sensed .With its tropical old world charm ,and its modern  bustling energy, Colombo is an experience to be shared .Its mix of ocean boulevards and colonial architecture, shopping malls and high  fashion and centres of cultural arts ,with walkways leading to the finest Hotels and restaurants and a culture of high fashion and  High class night clubs are some of  the attractions.

Its famous beach to its south Mount Lavinia, overlooked by the famous Mount Lavinia Hotel once the Governor’s residence and named after his mistress Lavinia carries the vista of its colonial past ,and a wide beach with swimming and lounging and  several beach side restaurants for an evenings relaxation of wining and dining on delectable sea food!



Further south and a pleasant drive along the coast is the foremost tourist resort centre in all of Sri Lanka! It’s miles of beach with world famous hotels and its lagoon, which is the home of all water sport activity in Sri Lanka with a river system that extends over 60 kilometres is the fun lover’s dream .The golden beach is Sri Lanka’s cleanest and pristine beach in Sri Lanka, with several major resort hotels catering to the visitors. Bentota lagoon is the year round calm area for all kinds of water sport and its river is a delightful boat safari of mangrove swamp and riverside habitat with the chance encounter with the elusive crocodile! A definite place to stay in the months of October to April .The sea food is excellent! A definite for the family.



HIKKADUWA, less than an hrs drive to the south from Bentota is a dream of tropical splendour .Blessed with the blue waters of the Indian ocean and its surrounding corals, famous the world over, is a vibrant and popular destination for those  looking for fun. Its beaches are popular ,with hotels and restaurants that cater  to a wide array of visitors, from all over the world ,famous for its surfing and snorkelling and diving activities it is the foremost destination for those seeking adventure  and beach living.




Galle, At the south western tip of Sri Lanka,is easily the most recognizable sea port in all of Asia!Surrounded by The Indian ocean ,it is a cultural melting pot with a History going back to 1500 BC!Its iconic landmark,The Fort,built by the Portugese is a World Cultural Heritage site,and is definitely a place to visit! Unawatuna bay which is a short distance from Galle on its southern edge is one of the calmest and safest beaches for swimming, snorkelling and enjoying a day of fun and leisure!It has several  restaurants, catering  for those who enjoy fresh   Sea food !

From Galle to Point Dondra,the southern most tip of Sri Lanka there are several world famous beaches .With a  tropical landscape of Beautiful bays interspersed with rocky headland ,one can find some exciting surf points,sandy beach,and the added attraction of making an excursion to watch the gentle giants of the ocean the Whales, on their Annual journey around the Southern tip of  Sri Lanka! Some of the more visited beaches are, WELIGAMA Bay,which has a broad sandy beach and a lovely surf point,ideal for beginners .It is also famous or its stilt fishermen,where one can watch,or even join the local fishermen and try your hand!

MIRISSA,has a beautiful beach for swimming, surfing and snorkelling,and is also recognised as one of the best locations for watching whales ,as this point is the closest they come to the shore!



TRINCOMALEE, in the North East,is another world class destination,and has plenty of activities for the visitor to choose from .It has the third largest Natural harbour in the world, and has been the centre of  Cultural,and Maritime activity over the centuries,and was fiercely contested for,by the  colonial powers!With miles of beautiful white sandy beaches,and crystal clear waters,it is a world of  Sunbathing, swimming,and other water sports .It is also another internationally recognised destination for serious whale watching!It has several sites of cultural and historical importance,and  is surrounded by jungle,and wild life .It has all types of world class accommodation,and is fully worth the visit.




PASSSIKUDAH, is another  unique location .Its beautiful bay,less than 2Km wide,is full of corals and its white beach,surrounded by coconut palm,with several hotels,to cater for the travellers every desire ,is a piece of true paradise .Calm blue waters ,in a tropical setting ,with plenty of water sports for the fun lover .Ideal for family fun and adventure ,and whether sipping ,tropical fruit cocktails on a sun baked beach,or wining and dining on the delicious sea food that is a part of the magic of this exotic world ,the visitor is left with the desire to return for more!



On the south east ,is a surfers paradise, with a world famous  surfing break , just close to the northern entrance to Yala! It has several other points of interest, cultural, as well as  wild life  for the nature lover! A beautiful surrounding countryside of wind swept beaches ,sand dunes , jungle,and a vast blue ocean!It has several restaurants offering exotic cuisine and a lovely atmosphere of casual beach life, and Island romance!



NEGOMBO!Just a short distance from the airport is the best place for one to acclimatise .A once  thriving fish village that is now a favourite for the tourists ,has a beautiful tropical coastline of palm fringed golden beaches  interspersed with several leading sea side  resorts .Its lagoon ,which supplies the crabs,and shrimp Negombo is famous for ,is also a place for water sports and  boat safari .A stroll through town in an evening and mixing with the friendly locals,with a bit of shopping adds to the mix!



KALPITIYA in the North-West is an emerging  destination!Set on a peninsula that sits beside Sri Lankas largest Lagoon system,it has several unique features.The lagoon is populated with several islands worth visiting and across the lagoon is the Wilpattu national park! On one side the Indian ocean,and a close encounter with the great Whales,and Dolphins that visit in their thousands .It is a marine biologists ,and  naturalists dream world ,of  fishing village and desolate  beach,and miles of still lagoon water .It has two seasons,fast becoming popular for the  kite surfing enthusiasts during the windy months of May  to September ,and to the whale watching enthusiasts ,during the October to April season!