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NELUM HOLIDAYS! We Can Fashion Your Dream Tour Into The Ultimate Reality

Nelum Sri Lanka Holidays is the fruit of a shared vision. A dream of sharing our Paradise with the world, and bringing the world to our doorstep and providing a magic carpet ride through a land of ancient mystery, and wonder beyond compare! It is a tribute to the magnificence and exquisite beauty of our Island nation and a means to attain our objective, of making Sri Lanka the first choice of any traveller and Nelum Sri Lanka Holidays the foremost tour agency in the Island!

Discovering shared interests, while studying for our Degrees in Hospitality and Tourism at the Charles Sturt University of Melbourne, we entered into a lifetime partnership with a common goal. During our years in Australia dreaming of our beloved country, we realised the infinite potential of Sri Lanka as a year round tourist destination and once we had received our degrees, we decided to use our education, expertise and intimate knowledge of Sri Lanka to make our dream a reality!

Realising the key to our success was in guaranteeing satisfaction to our customers and leaving them with a fervent wish to return, we set ourselves the exacting task of achieving our goals with full confidence in our ability and our nations will to respond accordingly. With a strong commitment to our customers concerns, and fortified with the right ethics, our services, are designed to take the customers through their tours, with ease and comfort, and secure in the knowledge that they are receiving full value for their money!

Our integrity as a tour operator being of utmost importance and always concerned with the welfare of our clients, we maintain constant 24/7 contact with our Guides and our guests and we are always prepared to attend to any eventuality that may arise mid tour!

Finally, but not the least, we would like to proudly present ourselves and our Nation in its truest character to the world .The spirit of friendship and the gracious welcome our people are famous for. We wish you long life! AYU-BOWAN!


Chamith and Dilani



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