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Why Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is the ideal destination for the discerning traveller. A land waiting for discovery and people who are famous for their gracious hospitality. It has a recently modernised network of roads, that can take the visitor quickly and comfortably to all locations. From The elegant boutique to 5 star hotels to budget accommodation Sri Lanka has it all. For visitors looking for thrills and adventure to those in search of Romance and mystery either lounging in the shade of the perennial coconut palm frolicking in the azure blue ocean or sipping cocktails by a moonlit lagoon or for those interested in ancient Culture and tradition Sri Lanka has wide array of choices. For the nature lover, Sri Lanka has several Natural reserves of different and varying terrain. From the dry zone scrub jungle to rain forests and highland plateaus. And for the gourmet diner a smorgasbord of delectable cuisine, tropical fruit to delicious seafood and its world famous mouth watering curries flavoured with the aromatic spices Sri Lanka is renowned for. Sri Lanka is a vibrantly colourful land, like its world famous gems. And always the smiling welcome. Ayubowan!


Why Book With Nelum Holidays ?

Nelum Holidays have several tour packages well designed to cater to our customers needs. With our modern and well maintained fleet of vehicles, our expert and friendly chauffeur guides will escort and advise the traveller on the customs and traditions they could encounter when travelling Sri Lanka. From arrival to departure, our guides are in constant attendance and in continuous contact with our base. All our sites and routes, between destinations are chosen for their maximum scenic value and with the purpose of providing our clients with optimum value for their money. Our clients safety and security is our main priority and every effort is made to ensure the clients comfort is catered for. All hotels and accommodation are personally inspected by us for quality and constantly up-graded with the clients concerns always taken into consideration!



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Highlights Of Sri Lanka


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Things To Do

There are several activities one can indulge in when visiting Sri Lanka. Apart from just simple sightseeing, the visitor has several choices, being completely surrounded by ocean; one has the simple pleasure of just soaking in the sun and sand or indulges in the more exciting water sports or exploring the lagoons, mangroves, rivers and visit a turtle hatchery, or take a trip to watch the Whales and Dolphins.

For the nature lover, a visit to the pristine National parks and sanctuaries and for those who like to keep fit, a cycling tour, or a trek off the beaten track is recommended. One can take a loftier view of the countryside from a Hot Air balloon, or take a scenic train ride along verdant hillsides and valleys, view the many picturesque waterfalls that tumble down our mountainsides. Sri Lanka has it all .Though we must warn the visitor, very few leave Sri Lanka without the desire to revisit



Sri Lanka has a smorgasbord of attractions. Beginning with our world famous beaches to our magnificent mountains. Sri Lanka is literally covered with ancient ruin and replete with History and culture.

Visit our famous UNESCO world heritage sites, Ancient cities, Dagobas and cave temple complexes and experience our culture first hand. The magnificent procession of hundreds of Elephants carrying the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha is one of its kind and exclusive to Sri Lanka, and is highly recommended!

Take a tour through our many National parks, our tropical rainforests and view our Biodiverse Fauna and Flora. And take away memories that will leave you yearning for a further visit!


Our Service

Our Friendly and Affordable services include :

  • Tailor made or custom designed tour packages.
  • All Bookings, Transportation, Accommodation and Travel advisory.
  • A well maintained fleet of vehicles and Expert and friendly Chauffeur guides.
  • Prompt attention to customers concerns and a constant eye for details.




Nelum Sri Lanka Holidays is the fruit of a shared vision. A dream of sharing our Paradise with the world, and bringing the world to our doorstep and providing a magic carpet ride through a land of ancient mystery, and wonder beyond compare! It is a tribute to the magnificence and exquisite beauty of our Island nation and a means to attain our objective, of making Sri Lanka the first choice of any traveller and Nelum Sri Lanka Holidays the foremost tour agency in the Island!