Things to do in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for water sport, with a fast growing industry and internationally recognised. Blessed with thousands of Km’s of Beach and abundant ocean, calm lagoons, lakes and two seasons that provide the visitor with all year round fair weather .The list of sport is endless ,with all the latest and favourites being constantly up-graded. One can just frolic in the ocean or get involved in the beach games, or take on the more challenging variety .All sports comes with internationally certified instructors and with courses conducted for beginners and enthusiasts! A list of the more popular sports comprises , Swimming, snorkelling , Scuba diving , Water Skiing, Jet skiing, Speed boating, Boat safaris and picnicking, Lagoon and Deep Sea fishing, Wind-surfing, Kite boarding, Sailing, Para gliding ,Canoeing and Kayaking. And the fun of the banana, and doughnut rides which is great for group activities!


Fast becoming a destination for rafters as well as those interested in adventure sport. Sri Lanka has many river systems ,flowing down through rugged mountainous terrain, creating the ideal conditions for white water rafting with varied levels from the more gentle flow for beginners and the more wilder falls for the professional looking to test his skills .There are several highly professional agencies, involved in this sport with internationally recognised services


Sri Lanka’s geographical position guarantees a year round opportunity for enthusiasts and serious watchers .Marine biologists and students of marine habitat are in agreement that Sri Lanka is the best location to view these magnificent mammals in their thousands, in their natural environment! Sitting at the tip of the Indian sub continent, with its North/South alignment, it is directly in the centre of the Migratory route that swings around the Indian sub-continent .With over a hundred rivers, carrying rich nutrient spilling into the ocean, it is a important link in the ocean going food chain! With the continental slope, reaching close to the shore line ,and the monsoon winds creating the oceanic up-swell, a constant leeward side is formed as a buffer against the seasonal wind changes, encouraging the breeding and accumulation of plankton, micro biological species and crustaceans in the silt spilling down the ancient chasms that are cut into the slopes of the Sri Lankan plateau! This entices the rest of the food chain to follow and brings them right into our shallower coastal waters and makes their study and viewing more accessible to the curious!


There are many points and beaches around Sri Lanka, that turtles come to lay their eggs .Turtles are protected in Sri Lanka and the eggs are collected and sent to hatcheries where once the eggs hatch they are released back to the ocean! Turtle conservation is very strict and Kosgoda hatcheries is one of the best known places to visit and view the process!.There may also be the possibility of watching turtles come to lay their eggs on a full moon night! There is also the added allure of feeding the several large green turtles that come right up to you in ankle deep water in Hikkaduwa!


Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for serious birders, as well as the amateur enthusiasts .Blessed with varied terrain, ranging from the coastal to wetland to tropical rain forest, there are over 450 identified species, with over 250 resident and 33 endemic species. It is important winter stopover in the bird migrations and there are several areas in Sri Lanka designated for the purpose of protecting this vital route!


These are tours run under the supervision of the wild life authorities, in most of National parks in Sri Lanka! Having several different climatic zones, the visitor can choose from dry zone scrub land, bordering rocky shore line to rain forest and highland plateau, to wetland lagoon. See elephant in its natural habitat, and have the distinction of spotting that elusive big cat, the leopard! Sri Lanka has the largest population of leopard in the world and birds, wild fowl, and the proud Peacock in all its magnificence! Hard to miss out on your tour!


Taking to the sky, like Angels over Paradise! Fast becoming popular .Floating soundlessly and weightlessly, over the countryside, one can have a bird’s eye view of the land as it passes below, an awesome experience, and a heightened thrill for those seeking to extend their horizons .Definitely adds to the pleasure of touring Sri Lanka, and should be added to the list of things to do!


The options are endless!, With Sri Lanka’s endless variety, trekkers have several choices of terrain .The rural countryside in Sri Lanka is a trekkers delight .The quiet laid back villages with smiling people, the seas of laden paddy, the fisherman on the beach, or the high land pasture! Always the green and the blue skies! Remember the word “Ayubowan”, with the hands placed together in front of the chest!


Cycling is one of the easiest methods to see the Sri Lankan country side .The enthusiast or even the day trippers can see everything at ground level, and stay fit in the process! With a central hilly region, just riding distance from the coast, the downhill run makes it easy for Cyclists to travel further distances .The flatter plains, down to the coast line are just loaded with breath taking scenery! The roads are good with plenty of, off-tracks for the more adventurous!


Although not world famous, Sri Lanka has three courses set at different heights in the country. One can have a classic putt at the course in Colombo, or at 600 meters at Digana .The course at the higher level of 2700 meters in Nuwara Eliya! It is is breathtaking for it landscape and totally worthwhile for any golf lover!


Sri Lanka is world famous for its gems and no royal crown is complete without a gem from Sri Lanka. Of the world’s 200 most precious stones,80 come from Sri Lanka! Take the opportunity to visit a Moonstone gem mine and see the mining cutting and polishing of gems, and the fascinating process of fashioning the jewel to produce its maximum lustre!


Visit the spice gardens, and breathe the very essence that attracted travellers from the worldover .Experience the exotic flavours that go into the worlds cuisine, and makes Sri Lanka, the prize of the Orient.


The ancient Sanskrit term for LIFE SCIENCE! A holistic system of healing that is based on the balance of the mind with the body and oneness with nature! This practice of healing although earlier claimed as originating in India, is now being identified in archaeological deposits over 15 thousand years old in Sri Lanka! All its materials are gathered from nature’s providence, and the knowledge of plants and their healing power is the main source of the process!


Colombo is cosmopolitan, and there are several venues for shopping and entertainment! The Night clubs are vibrant but more restrained, than other Asian capitals, but several leading hotels have live bands that cater to the different musical tastes of the customers and there are several restaurants to cater to the different taste buds! There many shopping centres worth visiting for bargains and several Art galleries and theatres to cater to the culture aficionados. Gift and curio shops with the indigenous arts and crafts of the Sri Lankan people are available in many areas around Sri Lanka!